Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chiligate - Seriously?

Good afternoon Regina!

Well, after a couple of months of deliberately avoiding this topic, I've decided it's time to start elaborating on this "Chiligate" fiasco. I really hate to even talk about this, because honestly, I find it utterly ludicrous and immature that anyone would go to the lengths they have just to allegedly "hold me accountable" for the claims I have made in regards to the funding application to the City of Regina.

In what will be the first instalment of a weekly blog post revelation, I intend to demonstrate as to why I feel this is a ridiculous topic for anyone to bring up, let alone the folks that I feel are responsible for creating this fiasco. If you haven't heard about "Chiligate", don't worry, you are not alone. It is best described as a needless Soap Opera, created solely on one website and on Twitter, in an apparent deliberate attempt to either discredit me as a public official, or to make me "come clean" on whatever dirty tactics these people think that I am using to further the Queen City Cruise In, and Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

Submission #1 

One of the main contributors to the website trying to debunk me is a Mr. Nathan J. Clifton, or at least I assume that's his real name. He goes by many aliases, so I can only assume this is his true identity. He also goes by "James Hunt" on Facebook, and possibly many other fake identities, including "Wagner John". I've asked him personally why he feels the need to use fake identities, and the best explanation I could ever get from him was that he "doesn't want to be found" on Facebook, by anyone that doesn't agree with him. Also, he doesn't like the security measures that Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. I won't read or comment further into that - I will leave it for you to interpret what you will.
(EDIT: Please see reply below from Mr. "Nathan Clifton" as to why I struck out the above portion of the statement - REGINA POLICE SERVICE PLEASE MAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF THIS FOR MY OPEN FILE ON MR. CLIFTON)

Now, Mr. Clifton has been quick to submit to that website photos of my initial application to the City of Regina for the Queen City Cruise In, where it talks about my darling wife as being a co-applicant on the application. What he has failed to identify, however, is the second application that was submitted, under the Urgency Fund, where in fact Mr. Clifton is listed as a secondary contact for the Queen City Cruise In. I submit to you the following photo for your perusal.


Coming next week - What about similar events/organziations have requested the same kind of funding that Prairie Soul Productions requested?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Exactly IS the Queen City Cruise In?

For anyone that has ever wondered exactly what the goal of the Queen City Cruise In is, this video about sums it up. 

This is an event that Saskatoon has annually - and Regina desperately needs something similar. 

That is what we exist for!!

To bring THIS kind of event to Regina. 

Stay tuned Regina. 
Coming Summer 2014!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

"#Chiligate" - What is that??

Good evening everyone!

Well, things certainly took an interesting turn over the past couple weeks, when a person/persons decided that it was appropriate to post some questions on a website they created specifically to express their apparent concerns with the Queen City Cruise In, and questioning our relationship with the Chili for Children program. What began as one person asking a pretty legitimate question erupted into what has been dubbed "#Chiligate" on Twitter.

If you don't have Twitter yet, you miss a lot of the more interesting debates and subjects that get talked about outside of mainstream media; especially when it comes to the subject of our President, Chad Novak. For those that aren't aware, Mr. Novak ran for Mayor of Regina in 2012, and garnered a reputation for being "unruly" at times, questioning the motives of certain elected officials and certainly not backing down to a good debate on heated subjects. This has since resulted in the creation of many "Parody" Twitter Accounts by a number of individuals (or perhaps just one person managing several accounts?) with the obvious intention of taking away any credibility that Mr. Novak was able to gain during the Municipal Election of 2012, thus putting his career and reputation on the line, with no apparent remorse from those individuals. As it stands right now, those individuals continue to harass and malign Mr. Novak on a daily basis on Twitter, but the proper authorities have been notified and hopefully this situation will be resolved in the near future.

Now, getting to the questions that were posed by the initiator of this "#Chiligate scandal":

These were what were posed to Mr. Novak:
- How many people that can be considered a 'at-risk youth' volunteered or were employed for the Queen City Cruise In?
- How did the Queen City Cruise In display Regina's automotive heritage?
- Considering its size, why do you feel there was a general lack of participation in the Queen City Cruise In from the local automotive industry?
- Why was the executive decision to donate $1 from every monster truck ride to Chili for Children reversed?
- Why was the $1/ride claim deleted from public view on your blogsite, and when did that action take place?
- How much money will be held in trust for Chili for Children, not including what your household or organization may have contributed? Is it $12?
- Is it true you have or had plans to become President of the Racing Auto Racing Club?
- Are the grant application's revenue and expense tables posted on NovakUncovered true to what was submitted to city hall by Prairie Soul Productions?
- If so, can you explain the decision to specifically budget $25,000 for Prairie Soul Productions staff costs?
- What comments would you like to make regarding the 2013 multi stream grant application?
- Will there be a 2014 Queen City Cruise In?
To which Mr. Novak has sent a reply this weekend, which seems satisfactory to the individual that requested the above information:
While I do not feel that I need to defend my actions in any way to yourself, I certainly can appreciate the nature of your questions, and would much rather you have asked them to me in person prior to any publishing of this material. If you feel you did ask these already, I apologize for I do not recall that. I hope you can appreciate that I do not set every conversation I have with everyone to memory, and I shouldn't be expected to remember every discussion I had with individuals in the past.

As you can appreciate, there are many individuals in Regina and in the "twitterverse" that wait for anything to jump on in order to put my credibility and reputation into jeopardy. While you (or whomever you provide the information to) did put a disclaimer on the website that you do not support these actions by those individuals, any reasonable person would deduce that the simple act of publishing these questions on a publicly-accessible website would provide enough fodder for those individuals meaning to cause me nothing but harm.
As such, I ask that you immediately cause removal of the website until such time that you and I are able to meet in person and discuss these issues like rational human beings. No hidden recorders, no ulterior motives, just simple honest questions and answers provided. I would hope that you understand from your past interactions with me, that you know my intentions have always been for the best. While the end result of the event certainly wasn't what I had originally planned and hoped for, I would hope that you can appreciate that, had the requested funding fallen into place (from the variety of organizations approached, not just the City), those promises put into writing could have been followed through on. Also, had I had the continued and promised volunteer support of people like yourself, I wouldn't have had to bear the burden of handling those extra tasks, in addition to my own, often last minute. While my intentions were pure for this entire event, the end result certainly wasn't what I was hoping to provide. I do not deny this. Was it overpromising and underdelivering? Absolutely. Was it deliberate? Absolutely not. Overpromising is a common trait of mine that I must work to correct, but as I've stated to you before, you can't accomplish big things without thinking big. Perhaps you feel  this is the wrong way to approach life, but just because you have a different opinion than I do on that, does not mean that I am a bad person by default.
In the end, while I appreciate your attempt here to somehow try to force me to justify what happened from the Queen City Cruise In, you need to look at the fact that the 2013 event is done. Yes, I published the $1 per ride in one press release. Yes, I went and edited my blog because I honestly didn't want to give my detractors any more fuel for the fire, so they can use this to publicly malign me any further than they already have. Was I wrong in doing that? Perhaps. But, consider the fact that no one had raised any issue about this before the novakuncovered website raised the question, and thus, it would be reasonable to assume that the mere mention of that in one unpublished press release (by unpublished I mean the press didn't do anything with it) did not cause any member of the general public to think that any monies from the Monster Truck rides, several months later, would be donated to any charitable causes. I took a large personal financial loss because of sponsors not fullfilling their verbal commitments. Was this my fault? Absolutely not. I have documented evidence of at least two sponsors/participants being approached by individuals other than yourself that "warned" them of dealing with "someone like me" and how "crazy" I am. When I mentioned "people like you" on that blog post, it was just that, people LIKE you, not necessarily you. My intent by that statement was speaking about people trying to "warn" spoonsors about my actions and intentions. It was not to imply that your specific actions caused anyone to pull sponsorship monies from the event itself. If that is how you took it, I apologize.
I want to make it perfectly clear that I have no intentions, at this time, to pursue any legal action against you personally for anything related on the novakuncovered website. My posting that day was talking about the constant harassing behaviour by individuals on Twitter and other forums, which has been reported to the proper authorities for further investigation. Any legal action that I may take against those individuals (you're not included in this potential list at this time) is to be determined at a later date, depending on the outcome of the investigation.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter. I trust that this can be resolved in a reasonable fashion, and in a reasonable timeframe. Please do have consideration for the fact that I do have other priorities in life that I cannot dedicate my immediate attention to your questions that you may post or email to me.
Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Door Prize Winners & Videos

Hello Regina!

We would first like to extend our congratulations to Sandy from Regina for being the winner of the MONSTER CHAIR!! Thanks to everyone for entering to win it, and we hope to have another cool prize like this in 2014.

We were also provided some amazing door prizes from our sponsors, and as such, we are in the process of sending out notifications to all winners. If you haven't received an email yet, don't worry, we are only about 25% of the way through. We have prizes from Boston Pizza, the Stripe Shop, KustomEis Car Audio, Burger Baron, Hahn Racecraft, Adrenalin Auto and more! We hope to send emails to everyone by the end of the weekend.

Finally today, here are some videos of the action over the weekend. Thank you to Prairieland Motorsports for bringing the World's First Bio-Diesel Jet Funny Car (x2!) to Regina for this exciting event, along with the Jurassic Attack Monster Ride Truck team from Alberta, and Adrenalin Auto & Performance right here in Regina, for taking the time to do the tire-shredding burnout demonstration!

We cannot wait for 2014 to get here, as we have some big plans already in the works!



Monday, 8 July 2013

Award Winners!

Good evening everyone!

We here at Prairie Soul Productions Inc. would like to extend our biggest thanks to each and every person that either attended or participated in the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In. 

We certainly endured a lot over the weekend, and learned a lot from this year's event, being only the second in the history of our company. It was the first year we attempted a three-day festival, and we had some great feedback from the hundreds of people that walked through all three days, along with the participants that travelled from all over Western Canada to be a part of our event. Also, many thanks to all the Media Outlets over the course of the past few weeks for the great coverage of our event, including Global Regina, and CBC Saskatchewan for coverage of the weekend events themselves.

Considering the fact that we were up against some stiff competition this weekend, from the Rider game on Friday (by the way YAY RIDERS for the big win!), the planned (and subsequently postponed) I Love Regina day on Saturday, to the many events happening all over southern Saskatchewan on Sunday, we are extremely pleased with the end results. Not to mention battling Mother Nature, who seemed to have some serious mood swings each day of the weekend, from extreme heat, to downpours, to extreme humidity, and finally Saturday evening, it felt like fall. Only in Saskatchewan!

We held our Awards Night last night, and we are very proud to present the Winner and Runner Up of each category with a beautiful glass trophy, that were graciously provided by the great folks over at Regina Trophies & Promotional. For any award winners that weren't in attendance last night, don't fret, we will be delivering them personally over the next few days if you live in the Regina area, or shipping them if you are from outside of Regina.

Finally, we also have a long list of door prize winners from many of our sponsors, including the MONSTER CHAIR giveaway!!! We will list the door prize winners in tomorrow's post, but the MONSTER CHAIR goes to Ticket #399224. If you purchased a ticket for the MONSTER CHAIR and this is your Ticket number, please send us an email to claim your prize!

Here is an example of what the Trophies look like:

Special Interest
1st Place - Tracy Nicholas - Moose Jaw, SK - 2005 GBC Pro Mini Altered Dragster "Rotax Rocket"
Runner Up - James Morrell - Regina, SK - 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe "Lost Sol"

1st Place - Trent Rempel - Regina, SK - 1968 Chevy Impala
Runner Up - Ott Zelko - Grande Prairie, AB - 1959 Dodge Royal

"Hot Rod"/Race Car
1st Place - Warren Ramstead - Saskatoon, SK - 1972 GMC Sprint
Runner Up - Heath Lennox - Regina, SK - 1978 Pontiac Phoenix

Peoples Choice
1st Place - Michael Courts - Saskatoon, SK - 2006 Pontiac Solstice Custom
Runner Up - Heath Lennox - Regina, SK - 1978 Pontiac Phoenix

Best of Show
1st Place - Warren Ramstead - Saskatoon, SK - 1972 GMC Sprint
Runner Up - Lee Lyons - Regina, SK - 1989 Dodge Daytona Super Pro - Budweiser Drag Car

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tire Shredding Day!!

What began as a very dismal day, turned into bright sunshine and nothing but clear skies! This allowed the fine folks at Prairie Soul Productions to ensure that the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In Show and Shine went off as well as could be expected.

In the midst of all the fun, we decided that it was time to do a bit of a demonstration for the great people that remained around for most of the day. This is what happens when you have 600HP built by the professionals at Adrenalin Auto And Performance having a little bit of weekend fun!!! How did he shred his tires?? Stay tuned for the video!!

Don't forget the excitement continues Sunday at Three Flags Raceway!!! If you want to be a part of this exciting event, featuring the Street Car Challenge, be sure to head out towards Lumsden and it is on Exit 'C' (watch for signs). Admission is 100% FREE to the public to watch, unless you want into the Pit Area to get up close to the cars, which is $3.15 ($3.00 + GST). If you want to race, and haven't already taken part in our event, the cost is $40.00 for non-QCMA members and $30.00 for QCMA members.

Have a great night everyone!

Rain, rain GO AWAY!

Update: The latest weather Radar shows clear skies by 11AM, so great news Regina! The Show and Shine in Wascana Park is still a Go! Just opening to the public about an hour later than expected.

Update: The 'Cruise' portion of today's events have been cancelled, but the Show and Shine in Wascana Park is still a Go at this point. Will update by 9AM.
Good morning Regina! 

An early weather outlook here, and according to the Radar, it's beautiful sunshine out there right now. But, obviously, our own personal radar tells us a different story. Thunderstorms have snuck in this morning, and given us a nice little surprise.

With that said, today WILL GO ON, rain or shine!! Your show worthy car may not be as shiny as you want, but that won't stop us from having a great time today. Monster Truck Rides, Kids Castles from Mega Bouncers, Jet Funny Car display (and demonstration this evening), and more!  
All today from 10AM to 4PM in the Walter Scott parking lot in beautiful Wascana Park.

We still have three and a half hours until our event opens to the public. Pray with us that the weather Gods cooperate and move the thunderstorms out of here, and bring us the sunshine we've been promised all week!

Friday, 5 July 2013

It Begins Today!

Good Morning Regina!!

It's hard to believe the day is finally here!! Today is the kickoff to the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In!!  

Join us beginning at 5pm in the beautiful City Square Plaza for our "Unofficial" Rider Home Opener Tailgate Party. In the hours leading up to the Saskatchewan Roughriders home opening game against the Calgary Stampeders, you can join us for pre-game festivities at no charge to you!

We will have a Live DJ on site, spinning some of the greatest tunes for your enjoyment, courtesy of Momentum Productions. We will have a couple of Regina's best Food Trucks for you to fill your stomach up on some of the best pre-game food available (and why not go and enjoy a cold bevvie or two at O'Hanlons or Beer Bros while you are downtown!), and we will have some of Saskatchewan's coolest vehicles on site

We are very proud to have the Bio-Diesel JET FUNNY CAR of Prairieland Motorsports joining us on the Plaza this evening as well. - And don't forget, the MONSTER TRUCK RIDES are still happening today at North Superstore for ONLY FIVE BUCKS!! 

Won't you join us this evening for a pre-game of epic proportions? And, best of all, it's all FREE to the public!

See you tonight!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Monster Truck Rides begin Saturday!

With the kids just finishing school, what a better way to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation than with MONSTER TRUCK RIDES!!! 

They begin this Saturday at the North Superstore and will run through to Friday, July 5. RAIN OR SHINE!

The rides are only five bucks a piece, and it's an experience you and your family will not soon forget. Come and join in the fun, get your picture taken with the Jurassic Attack Monster Ride Truck, and while you're in getting groceries, you can promise the kids if they are good while getting groceries, that you'll take them on the Monster Truck after! 

Who said bribery never works?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Benefits of Pre-Registration

Good Sunday afternoon everyone! 

Well, we are less than two weeks away from our main event, and as such, the questions are coming in to us regarding pre-registration, and we want to thank you all for the great questions and feedback! Please do keep them coming by emailing us at

One common question that has been asked is: What exactly do I get for the $20/Day or $50/Weekend pre-registration fee ($25/Day & $60/Weekend on site)? 

Well, it gets you the following great benefits!
- Guaranteed spot at the Friday Night Tailgate Party or the Saturday Automobile Expo Show & Shine
- A FREE car wash at Regina Car Wash ($5-10 value depending on your time in the bay)
- Eligibility for some amazing door prizes (Including a $250 Gift Certificate for the Stripe Shop, along with others from Adrenalin Auto and Performance, Boston Pizza, Burger Baron, and others)
- A FREE ticket to Kings Park Speedway ($10-15 value depending on the event)
- Eligibility to win exclusive Car Show Awards
- Admission into the Night of Fire where we will have the Jet Car Demonstration
- Eligibility to enter the Burnout Contest
- Entry into Three Flags Raceway on Sunday ($40 value - we are subsidizing $20 of your regular entry fee for non-members)
- We are continually looking to add more benefits for you!

As you see above, there is far more bang for the buck than last year, and definitely more than any other event in Regina like this. Please also keep in mind that this is a non-profit event, and a portion of the net proceeds from the weekend will be donated to the Regina Chili for Children program, with the remainder being reinvested into the 2014 event to make it even bigger, and hopefully expanded into two weekends. Also keep in mind that this event is 100% FREE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC to attend, so if you have some great sponsors on your race car, or other such sponsors, this would be a great opportunity to get them the extra exposure that you know they all deserve!

If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to send them our way!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pre-Registration NOW OPEN!!

UPDATE: JUNE 27, 2013
Unfortunately, the drag racing won't be able to happen at this event. The timing just didn't work out for the RM to properly review and approve our new location. The intention was to review it at the special meeting held June 24, 2013, but the Official Community Plan and Wascana Village took precdence. With that said, we will continue to pursue this as a separate event possibly later this summer.

Hello everyone!! 

We are so proud to reveal the latest information on the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In, and to announce that Pre-Registration is NOW OPEN!! Please go to our "Registration" page for more details on how you can Pre-Register, and keep in mind that space is limited, so Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged. See the Postcard photos below for information on the weekend events, happening July 5, 6 and 7, 2013 right here in beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan! (We have many of these Postcards printed, so if you'd like some to distribute, please let me know)

Something that I don't have on these postcards is the fact that we are working with the RM of Sherwood to have our first ever DRAG RACES!!! We have the tentative approval of their Council, given that we find the appropriate location that Council agrees with. I had proposed using the newly paved stretch of Inland Drive just off of Fleet Street, but the concern was the high volume of (truck) traffic, and the fact that it could entice more "regular" drag racing to occur out there.

With that said, we have scouted out a better location, and one that we feel would be well within their reasoning. We will be discussing this with them on Monday, and if Council likes it, we should be given the go ahead! What I would ask from you is just to show your interest. This is step one on the road to getting a Drag Strip built here in the Regina area. What the City of Regina, and other levels of authority, want to see is the interest in Regina for such a facility. I know the interest exists here, so please don't disappoint!

If anyone has any other locations in the RM of Sherwood in mind, that you think might be a better location, please do not hesitate to email us at For those that have concerns, full liability insurance will be in place, the proper safety measures will be in place, and (hopefully) we'll have temporary grandstands set up. Lacking that, we definitely will have some form of spectator area setup. And it will be straight heads up racing, old school. No Christmas Tree, MAYBE traction compound (if we can source it?), and preferably some decent NHRA "pro" race cars to demonstrate what we have here in Regina and area.

We are now welcoming pre-registrations for the entire event, Participants are $20/Day or $50/Weekend, and this gets you some sweet perks, including the Drag Races (pending Council approval), Slalom Racing out at 3 Flags Raceway on Sunday (Hosted by the QCMA), Admission to Kings Park Speedway for either that weekend's event, or any other event during the year, entry for valuable door prizes (we're not talking chump change either), Car Show Awards, Entertainment, and more! The event is, once again, 100% FREE to the public to attend, and we strongly encourage donations for our Charity of choice, the Chili for Children program.

Cheers everyone! Feel free to ask me anything.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

ATTENTION SPONSORS and Interested Parties

Happy Weekend to everyone!!!

It has come to my attention that there are people in this great City that seem to think it's funny, or retribution, or whatever you want to call it, to approach those great sponsors listed below and tell them to be careful about associating with our event. I find this kind of behaviour deceitful, and downright disgusting, but given the fact that there are people in our great City with nothing better to do but to slander other's good names, who simply try to ruin unique, innovative events, I guess we have to accept this as a fact of life.

We would respectfully ask that anyone that receives an email or a phone call like the following, to please forward it to us and the parties will be dealt with appropriately. This could range anywhere from a simple warning, to if the behaviour continues, legal action. We obviously would rather avoid the latter, but this is a very serious matter, and one that should not be taken lightly.

With that said, have a great weekend everyone!!! We are just over a month away until the big event!!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Welcome to some of our great sponsors for 2013!

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to the great folks who have come on board this year in a big way, to be a part of the 2013 Queen City Cruise In. Without these partners, we would not be able to do what we love, and the Celebration of the Automobile would not be a three day festival this year!

We would like to welcome back the following sponsors from 2012:

And we would like to welcome the following sponsors brand new for 2013:

 And special shout out to our Special Attractions:
Jurassic Attack Monster Ride Truck (Returning again from 2012)

and more....

Monday, 13 May 2013

Discover Saskatchewan! Trade Show Winners

We would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy weekend to attend the Discover Saskatchewan! Trade Show, and specifically those who stopped by our booth to find out about the Queen City Cruise In, and Prairie Soul Productions.

As promised, we have made the draw for the Gift Cards and are very pleased to announce the winners below:

Boston Pizza Gift Certificate:
- Francois LeBlanc of Regina, SK
- Pauline Tessier of Regina, SK

Burger Baron Gift Card:
- Linda Burnham of Regina, SK
- Terri Barnes of Nokomis, SK

Dynamic Entertainment Gift Certificate:
- Kris Tymchyshyn of Regina, SK
- Richard Dielschneider of Regina, SK

All of the remaining entrants will all receive a free pass to Kings Park Speedway, who are proudly hosting our Jet Car Demonstration, and more on the Saturday of the Queen City Cruise In.

Thank you everyone for entering, and we will be in contact with all the winners shortly.

The Promotions Team at Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Update: Press Conference Scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013 3:00PM

Good morning everyone,

Please find attached Media Advisory and invitation to our Press Conference scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 3:00PM at the Discover Saskatchewan! Trade Show setup located in the Agribition Building - Evraz Place.

We plan to unveil full details of the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In, along with announcements regarding more motorsports events planned in the Summer for Regina than ever before in our history!

We welcome any and all inquiries from the media, and refreshments will be provided. We will also be live streaming this Press Conference on Ustream, please stay tuned for direct link.

Best Regards,
Chad Novak
President - Prairie Soul Productions Inc.


Regina“Regina 2030: It All Happens Here!” – This was the long-term vision of former Regina Mayoral Candidate, Chad Novak, and one that he continues to pursue going into the second year of what is being called Saskatchewan’s Newest Summer Festival, the Queen City Cruise In. Building upon the success of the 2012 event, the 2013 Queen City Cruise In has expanded to a three-day “Celebration of the Automobile”, and promises to deliver something for almost everyone!

With several returning sponsors, and many new ones, and the addition of some dedicated volunteers, the support leading up to the 2nd Annual event has exceeded all expectations. The Queen City Cruise In Kickoff Party will be held in the evening of Friday, July 5, 2013 in the picturesque City Square Plaza, then the Automobile Expo will be held in scenic Wascana Park on Saturday, July 6, 2013, moving onto Kings Park Speedway for the Night of Fire on Saturday evening, and finally a Charity Pancake Breakfast and Street Car Challenge at Three Flags Raceway on Sunday, July 7, 2013; the weekend is sure to stimulate all five senses and illuminate the mind. Rather than the static display of a traditional Show and Shine, the organizers of the Queen City Cruise In strongly believe that the sounds, smells, visual stimulation of speed, racing and of course the feeling of horsepower are just as important to creating a truly memorable automotive experience.

The Media are hereby invited to attend a Press Conference scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 3:00pm, at the Agribition Building – Evraz Place, where we will be setting up to display as part of the Discover Saskatchewan! Trade Show happening Friday and Saturday, May 10 & 11, 2013. Full event details will be announced, and the media are invited to inquire about more details, including how July 2013 is being internationally recognized as Automotive Heritage Month, and we are pursuing this to be proclaimed in Saskatchewan, following up on Nova Scotia’s most recent announcement. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information, contact:

Chad Novak
President – Prairie Soul Productions Inc.
Regina, Saskatchewan

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Press Conference Scheduled for May 10, 2013

Good afternoon Regina!!

We are so very excited to see how well things are coming along in the planning stages for the 2013 Queen City Cruise In. It is truly hard to believe that we are only two months away from this big event! Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team of volunteers, the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In promises to be a historic event, and the future is looking even brighter!

We have updated the Event Schedule page to include the Public Information Sheet that we distributed at the 47th Annual Majestics Car Show, as part of the Kings Park Speedway display. We are very excited to announce that we have been selected to display at the upcoming Discover Saskatchewan! Trade Show, taking place on May 10 & 11, 2013 at the Agribition Building at Evraz Place. We will be very proudly displaying alongside Wickid Motorsports, and their display for their 1st ever Motorsports Extravaganza! You haven't heard of either of these? Well, I recommend checking them both out on Facebook! Be sure to stop by our booths and say "Hey" and find out all about Prairie Soul Productions Inc. and the Queen City Cruise In.  

Oh, and if you go and "Like" our Facebook page, along with the Discover Saskatchewan! Facebook page, there might just be a free ticket or two in it for you!

As a bit of a teaser, you will find a photo of the World's Only Bio-Diesel Jet Car, based out of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, on our Facebook and Twitter pages! And below is a sneak peak at our new business cards that should be ready to distribute next weekend!

Have a great Regina day everyone!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Finalizing Details - Announcement expected very soon!

Good afternoon Regina! 

As you may have noticed above, we have updated the banner on this website. It is our hope to have a completely revamped website in time for the launch of the promotion of the event beginning in May.

We are currently working on finalizing the finer details of the 2013 Queen City Cruise In, and should be able to make an official announcement very soon. We have confimed locations of all portions of the event, confirmed our participant partners, and are now working to finalize the details of event times and attractions. Thank you so much to our great volunteers who have proudly come on board to help make this event as successful as possible, without your help, this event would not be possible!!

It is our hope to hold a Press Conference about the full details of the event within the next few weeks. 
Stay tuned!! We promise it will be worth the wait!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big Things Are Coming!

Our great, growing, team at Prairie Soul Productions Inc. are working non-stop to ensure that we bring you the best of the best for 2013, and we promise you, this will be an event like no other in Regina's history. Three days of non-stop motorsports celebrations!! Nothing but pure, raw, unadulterated horsepower, and the people that make it happen. If you think the Queen City Cruise In is "just" a Car Show, you couldn't be any further from the truth!!!

We can't reveal too much information yet, but soon, you will find out just what we mean, when we say this year is going to be BIG. Soon, Regina, you will understand just why we've labelled this as an "event" and not "just" a Car Show. Soon, Regina, you will understand just why the automobile and the motorsports industry has been such a rich part of Regina's history, and more importantly, it's future. Soon, Regina, you will learn what exactly the Night of Fire at Kings Park Speedway is all about.

Soon, Regina, soon. 
We promise.!!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Saturday Events Being Reworked

After some discussion and great feedback, we are reworking the events on the Saturday a bit, in order to ensure the participants get as much involvement in the weekend events as possible. There was some concern expressed about the gravel road leading out to Kings Park Speedway. So, with that said, even though it's only about a kilometre or two of gravel, to accomodate those that don't wish to take their pride and joy on the dirt road, we will be having the Show and Shine with Burnout Contest, Stereo Competition and Monster Truck Rides, elsewhere in the City, and then a cruise out to Kings Park around 2 or 3pm (Location and Time to be confirmed) for those that want to partake in the Street Car Challenge. If we are unable to have the burnout contest in the City, we will also be holding the burnout contest at Kings Park Speedway that day.

We appreciate the feedback and are willing to work in a way that is advantageous for everyone involved!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Titan Automotive Group $5,000 Non-Profit Challenge!

Good afternoon Regina!!!

As you may or may not already know, I have the pleasure of being president of a brand new Non-Profit Corporation based here in Regina, Saskatchewan, by the name of Prairie Soul Productions Inc. We at Prairie Soul are dedicated to giving back to our great community, and are very proud to be assisting the Chili for Children Program this year for our 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In. In future years, we hope to be in a financial position to give to even more local charities, with the focus on remaining local. We believe strongly in supporting local businesses when we host events, and supporting local charities because there are many great folks in Regina that could really use the extra assistance, through a variety of existing local charities.

Keeping this in mind, we are participating in the Titan Automotive $5,000 Non-Profit Challenge!! These great folks have been gracious enough to put up to $5,000 as a total prize for a variety of Non-Profits, and we are very proud to be one of the contestants. The challenge is very easy; all you have to do is click this link,, read our description and video (optional) and click the "VOTE" button. That's it!! That easy. And, for me, the best part of this challenge is, the more total votes cast for all entries, the higher the total payout that Titan Automotive Group is going to give out. However, in order to qualify for a portion of the payout, a contestant must receive at least 100 votes, and then they get a portion of the total payout, depending on their percentage of votes, so please share with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, we, at Prairie Soul, are challenged in this City in terms of receiving any public funding, thanks to certain individuals being in high-ranking positions in this City (and provincial crowns now). BUT, the great thing is, we don't need no stinking public funding to make our non-profit a true success story!! We have great folks that have been partnering up with us like crazy, and it's thanks to great local businesses like Titan Automotive Group that we can continue making great events happen in Regina, without a sole focus on making a profit.

When asked why I chose to make Prairie Soul Productions Inc. a non-profit, the answer is simple really, and probably not one you will believe or expect from someone that honestly doesn't make that much money. I want to run a successful business, where I can do what I love, and be able to make a decent living. I don't want or need to make a fortune doing it, and as such, I have chosen to make it a Non-Profit Corporation, which gives back to it's community in so many great ways. The only real difference between a For-Profit and a Non-Profit, is that a Non-Profit simply reinvests (and donates) it's end of the year profits into the company and community. It still can operate like a regular business, paying salaries, employing great people, all that. It's just a personal choice that I made so that there could never be any confusion as to why my company does what it does, and no possible "conflict of interests" like certain other politicians in our great City.

Thank you for your time, and PLEASE do share this with everyone you know!! This is a very good cause, and we would appreciate all the support you can give us.

Have a GRREEAT Regina Day!!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Location & Dates Confirmed

We are so very proud to announce that we have confirmed the locations and dates of the 2013 Queen City Cruise In!!!! We will be sending out a press release shortly to let everyone in Regina know, but for those of you who watch this website, you get to know before everyone else.

The dates will be July 5, 6 & 7, 2013, and the locations will be spread out amongst three different places. On Friday, July 5, 2013, we will be hosting an evening Show and Shine and Cruise from 5-9pm at the scenic downtown City Square Plaza. Then, on Saturday, July 6, 2013, we will be gathering all of the participants in one location, along with our feature Monster Ride Truck, and doing a long, police escorted, cruise out to Kings Park Speedway. Once there, we will be having a variety of events, including a Show and Shine, Stereo Competition, Burnout Contest, Street Car Challenge, Monster Truck Rides, and a few other surprises that will be announced in the coming months! That evening, for any participants that choose to remain at the Speedway, they will be treated to an exciting feature event at Kings Park, featuring the Saskatchewan Racing League, and a nice added bonus, that being the world's only biodiesel Jet Funny Car based out of Saskatchewan! Watch it light up the night and burn down the house!! Kings Park's first ever NIGHT OF FIRE!!! And, finally Sunday, we will be hosting a pancake breakfast (location TBA), and a slalom course race (location TBA).

This year, the Queen City Cruise In is bigger and better than ever, and it's only in it's second year!!! Imagine what we will be doing for 2014. You won't want to miss out on this exciting weekend of motorsport festivities and excitement!! There's only one company that is bringing this, and more, to you in 2013, and that is Prairie Soul Productions!!! Be sure to spread the word, and watch for upcoming announcements and press releases in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you Regina for supporting the #1 Motorsports production company in all of Western Canada, and for helping make the Queen City Cruise In the best Motorsports event to hit Regina in years!