Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chiligate - Seriously?

Good afternoon Regina!

Well, after a couple of months of deliberately avoiding this topic, I've decided it's time to start elaborating on this "Chiligate" fiasco. I really hate to even talk about this, because honestly, I find it utterly ludicrous and immature that anyone would go to the lengths they have just to allegedly "hold me accountable" for the claims I have made in regards to the funding application to the City of Regina.

In what will be the first instalment of a weekly blog post revelation, I intend to demonstrate as to why I feel this is a ridiculous topic for anyone to bring up, let alone the folks that I feel are responsible for creating this fiasco. If you haven't heard about "Chiligate", don't worry, you are not alone. It is best described as a needless Soap Opera, created solely on one website and on Twitter, in an apparent deliberate attempt to either discredit me as a public official, or to make me "come clean" on whatever dirty tactics these people think that I am using to further the Queen City Cruise In, and Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

Submission #1 

One of the main contributors to the website trying to debunk me is a Mr. Nathan J. Clifton, or at least I assume that's his real name. He goes by many aliases, so I can only assume this is his true identity. He also goes by "James Hunt" on Facebook, and possibly many other fake identities, including "Wagner John". I've asked him personally why he feels the need to use fake identities, and the best explanation I could ever get from him was that he "doesn't want to be found" on Facebook, by anyone that doesn't agree with him. Also, he doesn't like the security measures that Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. I won't read or comment further into that - I will leave it for you to interpret what you will.
(EDIT: Please see reply below from Mr. "Nathan Clifton" as to why I struck out the above portion of the statement - REGINA POLICE SERVICE PLEASE MAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF THIS FOR MY OPEN FILE ON MR. CLIFTON)

Now, Mr. Clifton has been quick to submit to that website photos of my initial application to the City of Regina for the Queen City Cruise In, where it talks about my darling wife as being a co-applicant on the application. What he has failed to identify, however, is the second application that was submitted, under the Urgency Fund, where in fact Mr. Clifton is listed as a secondary contact for the Queen City Cruise In. I submit to you the following photo for your perusal.


Coming next week - What about similar events/organziations have requested the same kind of funding that Prairie Soul Productions requested?