Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chiligate - Seriously?

Good afternoon Regina!

Well, after a couple of months of deliberately avoiding this topic, I've decided it's time to start elaborating on this "Chiligate" fiasco. I really hate to even talk about this, because honestly, I find it utterly ludicrous and immature that anyone would go to the lengths they have just to allegedly "hold me accountable" for the claims I have made in regards to the funding application to the City of Regina.

In what will be the first instalment of a weekly blog post revelation, I intend to demonstrate as to why I feel this is a ridiculous topic for anyone to bring up, let alone the folks that I feel are responsible for creating this fiasco. If you haven't heard about "Chiligate", don't worry, you are not alone. It is best described as a needless Soap Opera, created solely on one website and on Twitter, in an apparent deliberate attempt to either discredit me as a public official, or to make me "come clean" on whatever dirty tactics these people think that I am using to further the Queen City Cruise In, and Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

Submission #1 

One of the main contributors to the website trying to debunk me is a Mr. Nathan J. Clifton, or at least I assume that's his real name. He goes by many aliases, so I can only assume this is his true identity. He also goes by "James Hunt" on Facebook, and possibly many other fake identities, including "Wagner John". I've asked him personally why he feels the need to use fake identities, and the best explanation I could ever get from him was that he "doesn't want to be found" on Facebook, by anyone that doesn't agree with him. Also, he doesn't like the security measures that Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. I won't read or comment further into that - I will leave it for you to interpret what you will.
(EDIT: Please see reply below from Mr. "Nathan Clifton" as to why I struck out the above portion of the statement - REGINA POLICE SERVICE PLEASE MAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF THIS FOR MY OPEN FILE ON MR. CLIFTON)

Now, Mr. Clifton has been quick to submit to that website photos of my initial application to the City of Regina for the Queen City Cruise In, where it talks about my darling wife as being a co-applicant on the application. What he has failed to identify, however, is the second application that was submitted, under the Urgency Fund, where in fact Mr. Clifton is listed as a secondary contact for the Queen City Cruise In. I submit to you the following photo for your perusal.


Coming next week - What about similar events/organziations have requested the same kind of funding that Prairie Soul Productions requested?


  1. 1. You are not a public official. You are desperately trying to become a public official, but until you are elected into a position, you are a citizen.
    2. You declared to the public repeatedly that proceeds from the Queen City Cruise In would be donated to Chile For Children, then you neglected to honor the donation and tried denying you ever guaranteed a donation despite the variety of proof people presented to you, and then you neither had the decency to apologize to the people who contributed to the donation fund or to Chile For Children, and you refuse to accept responsibility or be accountable (you favorite word) for your inability to manage the QCCI funds responsibly to ensure you could honor your promise.
    3. You absolutely should be held accountable for applying for public funding. t's neither ludicrous or immature for people to inquire about this, especially after you mislead so many people about your Chile For Children donation. That funding is accrued from tax paying citizens. Those tax paying citizens have the right to know how that money is being spent.
    4. This is not a needless soap opera. You are desperately trying to become an elected official. Citizens have every right to know about your inability to manage money, honor promises, accept responsibility, deflect accountability, or demonstrate any transparency. All you talk about is accountability and transparency but you refuse to be accountable for your malicious and bizarre behavior.

    You are a case study for what can occur when a person with sever mental health issues refuses to develop effective coping methods.

  2. If I may respond...

    To begin with, never did I say I don't want to be found on Facebook "by anyone that doesn't agree with (me)". I have stated to you twice, with records of doing so, I don't use my name for privacy reasons related to people from the past wanting to add me on Facebook. I had explained to you some bad experiences where people would try to add me then berate me face to face because I wouldn't 'add' them. As I explained to you, I keep my Facebook 'friends' to a minimum, and if a person is not family or in my life then I don't have an interest in befriending them on Facebook. I have met face to face almost all the local people I had any type of political discussions with on Facebook, and always made a point to declare my real name to them.

    My understanding is you are being questioned by 'Novak Uncovered' in regards to your **multi-stream grant application** you filed in February of 2013 just prior to my day-to-day involvement with the Queen City Cruise In as 'Community Relations', which is the first I have heard of that title.

    As you know, and cannot prove otherwise, I did not write any of the literature submitted in your multi-stream grant application talking about 'at-risk youth' or 'giving back to the community', or your phony budget.

    As you know, and cannot prove otherwise, I had nothing to do with Chili for Children's link up with the Queen City Cruise In, or the $1/ride claim you publicly made. Again, you had published that claim prior to my day-to-day involvement with your event.

    I would also like to state I never seen the urgency grant submission you sent in to city hall. I received no hard copy or email. I also have learned you used my name in a letter you circulated among the members of the Regina Auto Racing Club, without any consent or knowledge from myself.

    It seems to me you are being disingenuous and trying to smear me in an attempt to avoid discussing your broken Chili for Children donation promise, and what you submitted in your **multi-stream** grant application to Regina city hall.

    In closing when I gave the multi-stream grant application to 'Novak Uncovered' I was kind enough to ensure they could not publicly publish your wife’s cell phone number out of courtesy to her and you. It would have been appreciated if you could have done the same.

  3. Mr. Clifton - You ought to have been fully aware of your name being used on this Urgency Fund Grant Application, so please do not try to plead ignorance now that you have been publicly identified as having association with the event. And in turn, full knowledge of everything that had gone into that Urgency Fund Grant Application, and anything to do with the Queen City Cruise In. By your own admittance above, you had been working with me on a daily basis from soon after the original Multi-Stream Grant Application had been submitted. For you to plead ignorance on this subject now is not only irresponsible, but even further evidence of your malicious intent to only malign my good name, by claiming to deny your involvment with the Queen City Cruise In.

    I only published this information now as I had given you multiple opportunities to remove your postings and submissions on the other website. You have refused, and whether you expected it or not, your association with this event will be fully published - not in an attempt to smear your name, or malign you in any way whatsoever. But to add to the importance of this "Full Disclosure" and "Transparency" that you demand from myself. For there to be any evidence of malicious intent on my behalf, I would have to be sharing information that is not available on the public realm, and also imply that there was any deliberate wrongdoings on behalf of myself, yourself, or anyone involved with Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

  4. I know I gave you permission to do so, I have the text message. I cannot say I have a hard copy of the urgent fund application or an email copy. I'm not going to separate myself from it, I pleased ZERO ignorance to it's existence or submission. It was my mistake to offer my name to something I had not read. More of my mistakes involving you are coming to public light soon.

    I have never denied my involvement with the Queen City Cruise In. I had approached businesses on the Cruise In's behave and attended meetings with you. In fact just a month ago I was discussing my involvement with @ScourgeAK whom you interact with on Twitter. There is no outing here, just mass publication, and I don't have issue with that. I don't deny working with you.

    What I don't understand is how you get off publishing my personal phone number. If people want to go to city hall to find it, fine, but I think your action here isn't very considerate or displaying of the character you preach to possess. Would you appreciate if I have your wife's phone number and email address made public? It was on public realm documents. She was a director of the company, yet you expect people to leave her out. Her name is on things!!! Where is your consistency? You need to grow up.