Thursday, 5 June 2014


Good morning Regina!!

First off, our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragic events that have happened in Moncton over the past 24 hours. It is a situation that no one ever wants to imagine, and for the RCMP Officers to continue to go back to their jobs after the tragedies of their fellow officers, that shows just how courageous and brave each and every one of them are.

Now, onto the grand unveiling!!! 

If you've been watching our Facebook page, or a select couple of Forums in the past 24 hours, you would have had the opportunity to see our Concept Plan. If you haven't "Liked" our Facebook page yet, we strongly encourage you to do so, as you will be able to get exclusive updates on the progress of this project, along with other exciting announcements coming up during the 2014 Summer of Thunder!

This Motorsports Entertainment Complex will be a multi-phase project, with the initial phase focused around a NHRA and/or IHRA Sanctioned Quarter Mile Drag Strip. 

This is something that exists in most other major centres over North America, and unfortunately, the Queen City has missed out on this tremendous marketing and tourism opportunity for far too long. Locally, there are cities like Swift Current, Yorkton and Estevan that sucessfully host drag races at their local airports, and yet, the Queen City has missed out on even a temporary facility, for decades. This is something that we can no longer overlook, and thus why it is the first phase of this project.

There are tremendous social and economic impacts of a drag strip for our community, including offering the youth, and young-at-heart, a safe place to race their cars. This is a right of passage for many teenagers, and it is simply human nature for us to want to test out how fast our cars (and trucks) can go! The Regina Police Service recently emphasized how serious of a problem Street Racing still is in the Queen City, and that is yet another example of why this facility is a necessity, and not just a desire. 

Long term, the overall complex will provide an Indoor Entertainment Facility which will enable the Regina region to attract stadium events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unlike "Mosaic 2.0", it will not just be "roof ready", and it will not just be focused around a sporting event that is used only a handful of times a year. Best of all, the facility will be usable year round, so we will be able to attract events and concerts that otherwise pass over Saskatchewan due to a number of reasons that promoters simply don't want to take the risk of.

Here is the direct link to the full PDF document. 

Have a great Regina day everyone!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


 On Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 11:00AM, you are going to get to witness history in the making!!!! 

Stay tuned to this page for the grand unveil of the Official Concept Plans for the Queen City Motorsports Park. A Media Release has been sent out this afternoon, with strict instructions to embargo until tomorrow at 11:00AM. If you are following our Facebook page, however, you'll be able to see it before anyone else, as a link has been provided this afternoon. Just search for "Queen City Cruise In" on Facebook.

Have a great day everyone and here's to a new future for the entertainment options in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Announcement Coming This Week!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for following our page, and we are very excited to announce that we plan to unveil the concept plans for the Queen City Motorsports Park this week


For anyone that has ever wondered why we feel so strongly in making this project a reality, we invite you to watch the below video clip of the YIELD program from CBC National News.

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Happy May Long Weekend everyone!!

We are so excited for what is to be known as the SUMMER OF THUNDER in Saskatchewan! There are so many great, high-horsepower events happening around Saskatchewan, and we are proud to show our support where we can, and are working feverishly on making the Queen City Cruise In a reality once again for 2014.

By summer's end, not only will you be treated to the sweet sounds of Hot Rods, Race Cars and Hot Tunes, you are also going to be presented with the announcement that you have been waiting decades for!!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, only two short years ago, our president, Chad A. Novak, CMA, promised you a world-class MOTORSPORTS FACILITY to be built in the Regina area. Against all odds, and fighting against some pretty intense political backlash, we are proud to announce that by the end of this summer, you will be seeing the fruits of these efforts. We will be making formal announcements for the development of the new QUEEN CITY MOTORSPORTS PARK. We will not provide many details right now, but we can tell you that the facility will be a multi-stage project, with the First Phase being the construction of a quarter mile NHRA and/or IHRA Sanctioned Drag Strip. After that, there are a number of phases with short and long term projects planned to eventually expand the project into a full World-Class Motorsports Facility.

The full project will encompass an entirely new neighbourhood in the Regina area, and will feature a very large indoor entertainment venue for Stadium-quality events like Stadium Concerts, Monster Trucks, Soccer, Baseball and Trade Shows, to name but only a few of the exciting entertainment options available. Needless to say, this new facility will certainly put the new Stadium project into political limbo, as it stands to trump it on every level possible. It will be something brand new to the Regina area, offer world-class entertainment on a large scale, and will be funded primarily by private and corporate funds. Ideally, we would like to have this facility assisted with Government Funding from many levels, but we are prepared to put the project together with absolutely zero government assistance if necessary.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chiligate - Seriously?

Good afternoon Regina!

Well, after a couple of months of deliberately avoiding this topic, I've decided it's time to start elaborating on this "Chiligate" fiasco. I really hate to even talk about this, because honestly, I find it utterly ludicrous and immature that anyone would go to the lengths they have just to allegedly "hold me accountable" for the claims I have made in regards to the funding application to the City of Regina.

In what will be the first instalment of a weekly blog post revelation, I intend to demonstrate as to why I feel this is a ridiculous topic for anyone to bring up, let alone the folks that I feel are responsible for creating this fiasco. If you haven't heard about "Chiligate", don't worry, you are not alone. It is best described as a needless Soap Opera, created solely on one website and on Twitter, in an apparent deliberate attempt to either discredit me as a public official, or to make me "come clean" on whatever dirty tactics these people think that I am using to further the Queen City Cruise In, and Prairie Soul Productions Inc.

Submission #1 

One of the main contributors to the website trying to debunk me is a Mr. Nathan J. Clifton, or at least I assume that's his real name. He goes by many aliases, so I can only assume this is his true identity. He also goes by "James Hunt" on Facebook, and possibly many other fake identities, including "Wagner John". I've asked him personally why he feels the need to use fake identities, and the best explanation I could ever get from him was that he "doesn't want to be found" on Facebook, by anyone that doesn't agree with him. Also, he doesn't like the security measures that Facebook lacks in terms of privacy. I won't read or comment further into that - I will leave it for you to interpret what you will.
(EDIT: Please see reply below from Mr. "Nathan Clifton" as to why I struck out the above portion of the statement - REGINA POLICE SERVICE PLEASE MAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF THIS FOR MY OPEN FILE ON MR. CLIFTON)

Now, Mr. Clifton has been quick to submit to that website photos of my initial application to the City of Regina for the Queen City Cruise In, where it talks about my darling wife as being a co-applicant on the application. What he has failed to identify, however, is the second application that was submitted, under the Urgency Fund, where in fact Mr. Clifton is listed as a secondary contact for the Queen City Cruise In. I submit to you the following photo for your perusal.


Coming next week - What about similar events/organziations have requested the same kind of funding that Prairie Soul Productions requested?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Exactly IS the Queen City Cruise In?

For anyone that has ever wondered exactly what the goal of the Queen City Cruise In is, this video about sums it up. 

This is an event that Saskatoon has annually - and Regina desperately needs something similar. 

That is what we exist for!!

To bring THIS kind of event to Regina. 

Stay tuned Regina. 
Coming Summer 2014!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

"#Chiligate" - What is that??

Good evening everyone!

Well, things certainly took an interesting turn over the past couple weeks, when a person/persons decided that it was appropriate to post some questions on a website they created specifically to express their apparent concerns with the Queen City Cruise In, and questioning our relationship with the Chili for Children program. What began as one person asking a pretty legitimate question erupted into what has been dubbed "#Chiligate" on Twitter.

If you don't have Twitter yet, you miss a lot of the more interesting debates and subjects that get talked about outside of mainstream media; especially when it comes to the subject of our President, Chad Novak. For those that aren't aware, Mr. Novak ran for Mayor of Regina in 2012, and garnered a reputation for being "unruly" at times, questioning the motives of certain elected officials and certainly not backing down to a good debate on heated subjects. This has since resulted in the creation of many "Parody" Twitter Accounts by a number of individuals (or perhaps just one person managing several accounts?) with the obvious intention of taking away any credibility that Mr. Novak was able to gain during the Municipal Election of 2012, thus putting his career and reputation on the line, with no apparent remorse from those individuals. As it stands right now, those individuals continue to harass and malign Mr. Novak on a daily basis on Twitter, but the proper authorities have been notified and hopefully this situation will be resolved in the near future.

Now, getting to the questions that were posed by the initiator of this "#Chiligate scandal":

These were what were posed to Mr. Novak:
- How many people that can be considered a 'at-risk youth' volunteered or were employed for the Queen City Cruise In?
- How did the Queen City Cruise In display Regina's automotive heritage?
- Considering its size, why do you feel there was a general lack of participation in the Queen City Cruise In from the local automotive industry?
- Why was the executive decision to donate $1 from every monster truck ride to Chili for Children reversed?
- Why was the $1/ride claim deleted from public view on your blogsite, and when did that action take place?
- How much money will be held in trust for Chili for Children, not including what your household or organization may have contributed? Is it $12?
- Is it true you have or had plans to become President of the Racing Auto Racing Club?
- Are the grant application's revenue and expense tables posted on NovakUncovered true to what was submitted to city hall by Prairie Soul Productions?
- If so, can you explain the decision to specifically budget $25,000 for Prairie Soul Productions staff costs?
- What comments would you like to make regarding the 2013 multi stream grant application?
- Will there be a 2014 Queen City Cruise In?
To which Mr. Novak has sent a reply this weekend, which seems satisfactory to the individual that requested the above information:
While I do not feel that I need to defend my actions in any way to yourself, I certainly can appreciate the nature of your questions, and would much rather you have asked them to me in person prior to any publishing of this material. If you feel you did ask these already, I apologize for I do not recall that. I hope you can appreciate that I do not set every conversation I have with everyone to memory, and I shouldn't be expected to remember every discussion I had with individuals in the past.

As you can appreciate, there are many individuals in Regina and in the "twitterverse" that wait for anything to jump on in order to put my credibility and reputation into jeopardy. While you (or whomever you provide the information to) did put a disclaimer on the website that you do not support these actions by those individuals, any reasonable person would deduce that the simple act of publishing these questions on a publicly-accessible website would provide enough fodder for those individuals meaning to cause me nothing but harm.
As such, I ask that you immediately cause removal of the website until such time that you and I are able to meet in person and discuss these issues like rational human beings. No hidden recorders, no ulterior motives, just simple honest questions and answers provided. I would hope that you understand from your past interactions with me, that you know my intentions have always been for the best. While the end result of the event certainly wasn't what I had originally planned and hoped for, I would hope that you can appreciate that, had the requested funding fallen into place (from the variety of organizations approached, not just the City), those promises put into writing could have been followed through on. Also, had I had the continued and promised volunteer support of people like yourself, I wouldn't have had to bear the burden of handling those extra tasks, in addition to my own, often last minute. While my intentions were pure for this entire event, the end result certainly wasn't what I was hoping to provide. I do not deny this. Was it overpromising and underdelivering? Absolutely. Was it deliberate? Absolutely not. Overpromising is a common trait of mine that I must work to correct, but as I've stated to you before, you can't accomplish big things without thinking big. Perhaps you feel  this is the wrong way to approach life, but just because you have a different opinion than I do on that, does not mean that I am a bad person by default.
In the end, while I appreciate your attempt here to somehow try to force me to justify what happened from the Queen City Cruise In, you need to look at the fact that the 2013 event is done. Yes, I published the $1 per ride in one press release. Yes, I went and edited my blog because I honestly didn't want to give my detractors any more fuel for the fire, so they can use this to publicly malign me any further than they already have. Was I wrong in doing that? Perhaps. But, consider the fact that no one had raised any issue about this before the novakuncovered website raised the question, and thus, it would be reasonable to assume that the mere mention of that in one unpublished press release (by unpublished I mean the press didn't do anything with it) did not cause any member of the general public to think that any monies from the Monster Truck rides, several months later, would be donated to any charitable causes. I took a large personal financial loss because of sponsors not fullfilling their verbal commitments. Was this my fault? Absolutely not. I have documented evidence of at least two sponsors/participants being approached by individuals other than yourself that "warned" them of dealing with "someone like me" and how "crazy" I am. When I mentioned "people like you" on that blog post, it was just that, people LIKE you, not necessarily you. My intent by that statement was speaking about people trying to "warn" spoonsors about my actions and intentions. It was not to imply that your specific actions caused anyone to pull sponsorship monies from the event itself. If that is how you took it, I apologize.
I want to make it perfectly clear that I have no intentions, at this time, to pursue any legal action against you personally for anything related on the novakuncovered website. My posting that day was talking about the constant harassing behaviour by individuals on Twitter and other forums, which has been reported to the proper authorities for further investigation. Any legal action that I may take against those individuals (you're not included in this potential list at this time) is to be determined at a later date, depending on the outcome of the investigation.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter. I trust that this can be resolved in a reasonable fashion, and in a reasonable timeframe. Please do have consideration for the fact that I do have other priorities in life that I cannot dedicate my immediate attention to your questions that you may post or email to me.
Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA