Monday, 18 February 2013

Saturday Events Being Reworked

After some discussion and great feedback, we are reworking the events on the Saturday a bit, in order to ensure the participants get as much involvement in the weekend events as possible. There was some concern expressed about the gravel road leading out to Kings Park Speedway. So, with that said, even though it's only about a kilometre or two of gravel, to accomodate those that don't wish to take their pride and joy on the dirt road, we will be having the Show and Shine with Burnout Contest, Stereo Competition and Monster Truck Rides, elsewhere in the City, and then a cruise out to Kings Park around 2 or 3pm (Location and Time to be confirmed) for those that want to partake in the Street Car Challenge. If we are unable to have the burnout contest in the City, we will also be holding the burnout contest at Kings Park Speedway that day.

We appreciate the feedback and are willing to work in a way that is advantageous for everyone involved!

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