Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pre-Registration NOW OPEN!!

UPDATE: JUNE 27, 2013
Unfortunately, the drag racing won't be able to happen at this event. The timing just didn't work out for the RM to properly review and approve our new location. The intention was to review it at the special meeting held June 24, 2013, but the Official Community Plan and Wascana Village took precdence. With that said, we will continue to pursue this as a separate event possibly later this summer.

Hello everyone!! 

We are so proud to reveal the latest information on the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In, and to announce that Pre-Registration is NOW OPEN!! Please go to our "Registration" page for more details on how you can Pre-Register, and keep in mind that space is limited, so Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged. See the Postcard photos below for information on the weekend events, happening July 5, 6 and 7, 2013 right here in beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan! (We have many of these Postcards printed, so if you'd like some to distribute, please let me know)

Something that I don't have on these postcards is the fact that we are working with the RM of Sherwood to have our first ever DRAG RACES!!! We have the tentative approval of their Council, given that we find the appropriate location that Council agrees with. I had proposed using the newly paved stretch of Inland Drive just off of Fleet Street, but the concern was the high volume of (truck) traffic, and the fact that it could entice more "regular" drag racing to occur out there.

With that said, we have scouted out a better location, and one that we feel would be well within their reasoning. We will be discussing this with them on Monday, and if Council likes it, we should be given the go ahead! What I would ask from you is just to show your interest. This is step one on the road to getting a Drag Strip built here in the Regina area. What the City of Regina, and other levels of authority, want to see is the interest in Regina for such a facility. I know the interest exists here, so please don't disappoint!

If anyone has any other locations in the RM of Sherwood in mind, that you think might be a better location, please do not hesitate to email us at For those that have concerns, full liability insurance will be in place, the proper safety measures will be in place, and (hopefully) we'll have temporary grandstands set up. Lacking that, we definitely will have some form of spectator area setup. And it will be straight heads up racing, old school. No Christmas Tree, MAYBE traction compound (if we can source it?), and preferably some decent NHRA "pro" race cars to demonstrate what we have here in Regina and area.

We are now welcoming pre-registrations for the entire event, Participants are $20/Day or $50/Weekend, and this gets you some sweet perks, including the Drag Races (pending Council approval), Slalom Racing out at 3 Flags Raceway on Sunday (Hosted by the QCMA), Admission to Kings Park Speedway for either that weekend's event, or any other event during the year, entry for valuable door prizes (we're not talking chump change either), Car Show Awards, Entertainment, and more! The event is, once again, 100% FREE to the public to attend, and we strongly encourage donations for our Charity of choice, the Chili for Children program.

Cheers everyone! Feel free to ask me anything.

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