Saturday, 17 May 2014


Happy May Long Weekend everyone!!

We are so excited for what is to be known as the SUMMER OF THUNDER in Saskatchewan! There are so many great, high-horsepower events happening around Saskatchewan, and we are proud to show our support where we can, and are working feverishly on making the Queen City Cruise In a reality once again for 2014.

By summer's end, not only will you be treated to the sweet sounds of Hot Rods, Race Cars and Hot Tunes, you are also going to be presented with the announcement that you have been waiting decades for!!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, only two short years ago, our president, Chad A. Novak, CMA, promised you a world-class MOTORSPORTS FACILITY to be built in the Regina area. Against all odds, and fighting against some pretty intense political backlash, we are proud to announce that by the end of this summer, you will be seeing the fruits of these efforts. We will be making formal announcements for the development of the new QUEEN CITY MOTORSPORTS PARK. We will not provide many details right now, but we can tell you that the facility will be a multi-stage project, with the First Phase being the construction of a quarter mile NHRA and/or IHRA Sanctioned Drag Strip. After that, there are a number of phases with short and long term projects planned to eventually expand the project into a full World-Class Motorsports Facility.

The full project will encompass an entirely new neighbourhood in the Regina area, and will feature a very large indoor entertainment venue for Stadium-quality events like Stadium Concerts, Monster Trucks, Soccer, Baseball and Trade Shows, to name but only a few of the exciting entertainment options available. Needless to say, this new facility will certainly put the new Stadium project into political limbo, as it stands to trump it on every level possible. It will be something brand new to the Regina area, offer world-class entertainment on a large scale, and will be funded primarily by private and corporate funds. Ideally, we would like to have this facility assisted with Government Funding from many levels, but we are prepared to put the project together with absolutely zero government assistance if necessary.


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